Revisted – Diablo III

If only the horse were silver… (Diablo III with Reaper of Souls expansion)

It’s been a little over two years since I first wrote about Diablo III on this site. At that time, the loot system had just been overhauled and Reaper of Souls was about to release. Since then, Diablo III has continued to evolve and to be honest, I find it’s even more enjoyable now.

The introduction of the Adventure mode is by far the largest factor in extending Diablo III beyond the confines of its original story based confines. While gameplay still takes place within the same world, players are free to jump around both the world map and different story acts.

There are unique tasks within this mode in the form of bounties. At their simplest, this is a need to dispatch a certain number of foes and to defeat a specific named elite monster. In other words, the player has free reign to butcher wherever they want without having to follow the same old story path time and time again.

Nephalem Rifts are also a part of the Adventure mode and the mainstay for end game content. These fast paced areas challenge the player to defeat enough enemies to summon a Rift Guardian. In the Greater Rifts, the challenge is further increased by imposing a 15 minute time limit in which to summon and defeat that Guardian.

It is these rifts that I found myself enjoying more and more over the current Season — a limited period in which players take a new character from level one and see how far they can progress. The first few seasons I was terribly poor at playing, barely managing to even reach level 70 before the end.

One of the rewards for completing the initial part of the Seasonal Journey in the current Season is a vanity pet that resembles a Shadow of the Colossus style beast. Wanting to add this little guy to my collection spurred me on to try and complete Season Chapter 4.

To my surprise, I was able to finish Chapters in a far shorted time than before. Managing to complete the first three within the first weekend of the Season. As a solo player who refuses to join public games, and has no desire to be “power leveled” by someone with far more Paragon, this was a fairly rewarding feat for me.

In fact, my time playing this season has been full of several firsts for me — each of which have renewed my enjoyment of Diablo III. For example, I found my first pack of Goblins; trying to kill a group of ten or so Goblins all dropping treasure and fleeing in a variety of directions is insanely enjoyable.

I managed to level Legendary Gems up to rank 25, unlocking their bonus abilities. A Rank 25 Gem of Ease can be socketed into a level 70 weapon making that weapon useable by a level 1 character. And yes, that results in crazy fast leveling for an alt.

Later this year will see the release of the Necromancer character class, and I can happily say I’m looking forward to trying it out. I do hope that Blizzard will add a couple of character slots along with it. Even with the ability to “Rebirth” characters — to set them back to level 0 for a Season — I’m running out of character slots!

Screenshots are direct grabs taken via the ingame screenshot function. In game settings set to maximum. They have not been altered or modified.

Diablo III and the Reaper of Souls expansion were purchased from the store.